Information Exchange

Are you a Toronto dog groomer or a pet groomer in Ontario? Are you a licensed breeder or a dog show enthusiast? Toronto Dog Groomer is extending an opportunity to groomers, breeders and other knowledgeable individuals to share information on our Web site. You are invited to submit articles about grooming routines and practices, breed information, adoption, information on health and well being, and other valuable topics. We want to go beyond just sharing links; we want to ensure our clients are well-informed about the latest in grooming techniques and breed information in order to provide their beloved pets with the best possible care.
Our grooming Toronto experts will consider submissions on all topics. Please limit your submissions to 500 words, written in a clear, casual blog entry-style. Breeders are especially encouraged to submit contributions in order to provide information to families and individuals who are considering adopting a specific breed of dog. Remember, there are no bad dogs, but there are potentially bad owners; a good owner is an informed owner.
Send your submissions to We will contact you prior to publishing your submission.