Flea Control

One of the worst enemies people and pets will ever face is the tiny flea. This small insect can inflict serious harm to your beloved pets by biting them and potentially spreading germs and disease that could make you and your pets seriously ill.

There are currently many flea control products on the market, but in order to find one that is safe for your pet, you need to discuss the situation with your veterinarian. Many of the monthly treatments available can be used topically or orally, and are very successful in repelling fleas from your dog or cat’s skin and fur.

Another powerful weapon in the war on fleas is to have your pet groomed regularly. The Toronto dog grooming experts are available year-round to give your pets the tender loving care they need in order to keep their skin and coat healthy. Our dog washing in Toronto allows your pet to have a clean, healthy coat – and, we perform a thorough check to make sure there are no fleas on your dog.

In addition to investing in one of the popular flea control products to use on your pet’s skin and coat, it is important to perform regular maintenance between grooming sessions. Brush your pet’s fur weekly, especially during seasons when they are prone to heavy shedding. Take the time to feel for any raised bumps on their skin; this could be a sign that they have been bitten by fleas. Also pay attention to their habits: if they appear to be scratching excessively, this could be a sign that they’ve been visited by fleas.

It is important to keep your house clean, especially carpeting, rugs and upholstered furniture. Take the time to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and vacuum often. Fleas love to nest in dark places, and carpeting is one of their favourite spots to find a home. You might not ever see evidence of fleas in your home, but it’s always best to keep things clean so as not to invite them in!