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About Toronto Dog Groomer

Toronto Dog Groomer is made up of a group of experienced professional dog groomers who have combined decades of experience caring for your pets. Our specialty is to make each dog our top priority, giving them the individualized breed-appropriate treatment they need and deserve.

Toronto Dog Groomer understands the delicate relationship between a dog, and a dog groomer. We strive to make your pet as comfortable as possible, and to perform the necessary grooming in Toronto your pet needs. We have worked with dozens of breeds, both large and small, and have in depth knowledge of the grooming needs of each breed. For example, we know that long haired breeds such as Sheepdogs need extra attention paid to their coats. Large breeds such as Labrador and Golden Retrievers have their specific needs, as do long eared breeds such as Cocker Spaniels. Smaller dogs deserve every bit as much attention as their larger counterparts, and we make sure they are cared for as lovingly as the rest. Each and every dog we groom gets the professional attention he deserves in order to maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat.

Choosing a groomer need not be a stressful process. Toronto Dog Groomer is always happy to provide detailed references and licensing information upon request. We perform dog grooming and dog washing in Toronto and the GTA and have many satisfied dogs and owners in every region. Our dog groomers have worked with active show dogs, as well as area breeders and possess a wealth of knowledge of the requirements of a wide variety of dog breeds. Of course, we never forget about our mixed-breed friends; their loyalty, love and dedicated companionship is worthy of the same TLC as the most pedigreed pooches. Our grooming in Toronto will always make your dog feel special, no matter how young, how old, how bog or small they are. Toronto Dog Groomer will make sure each and every dog in our capable hands will be a shining specimen of health and well being.