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What You Can Expect From a Professional Sheltie Grooming

Sheltie With Ball

What animal could be more adorable than the Sheltie? This fluffy dog was traditionally used for herding sheep but is just as often found on farms and in the homes of dog lovers around the world. With so much of that (lovable!) fluff and fur, grooming is one of the most important things Sheltie owners need to think about. Many owners choose to have their animal professionally groomed...but what can you actually expect from the process?

1) Start With Bathing

A professional Sheltie groomer will take care of the essentials: bathing, trimming, and clipping. However, they may also clean the ears and tidy up the pads of their feet. It all depends on what you ask for. All of these work to keep your pet healthy and happy. But what can you actually expect from your groomer? Whether you take your dog to a grooming location or a groomer visits your home directly, don't worry - you will be getting the same type of service regardless. That means your Sheltie will always be properly bathed, trimmed, and clipped...wherever it happens.

To begin with, the groomer will start with by bathing your pet. Professionals have experience working with a number of different dog breeds. That means they know how to bathe your Sheltie safely and thoroughly every time. It all starts in a tub or large sink where the groomer will wet your Sheltie's coat with room temperature - or slightly warmer - water. Since this particular breed has a double coat, they will ensure that all of the fur is wet before continuing.

Then they apply a gentle shampoo with a sponge, being mindful of the face and ears. Using a sponge allows both coats to be cleaned completely. The shampoo is rinsed off before the groomer runs a polishing cloth over the coat to remove any excess water. After your Sheltie is clean it is time to blow dry. The groomer will use a detangling spray to remove any knots in the fur and carefully blow-dry until completely dry. Some time will also be spent removing any tangles and brushing through the coat to remove excess fur.

Your Sheltie is now ready to be trimmed! While the average Sheltie has a gorgeous long coat, they still need a bit of cleaning up. With so much fuzz and fur to deal with, it can seem overwhelming doing it on your own. Thankfully, the pros know how to keep your pets' coat looking great - at the right length. Trimming usually starts at the paws and legs then moves up to the ear area. The rest of their coat should be left untouched as it is meant to be lush and long.

Once all of that is complete, the groomer will focus on another important step: clipping the nails. They ensure the nails are short enough not to touch the ground...but not so short that they cause pain or discomfort for your animal. Additional grooming services may also be included in your appointment, like ear cleaning and so on. It all depends on what you've asked for and what that particular grooming company offers.

A lot of work goes in to keeping a Sheltie cleaned and clipped. That is why so many owners choose to leave the work to experienced professionals. Not only do they know how to keep your animal calm but they also have the patience and know-how to do the job well. The next time you book a grooming appointment for your beloved Sheltie, you'll know exactly what to expect!

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