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Dog Toenail Cutting and Claw Trimming

Dog Nail Clipping

Proper dog toenail grooming is an important step in thorough dog grooming services. Toronto Dog Groomer believes attention must be paid to your dog's nails to ensure they are properly trimmed. Not only will this prevent your dog from causing damage in your home, it will keep your faithful companion happy and healthy.

Untrimmed dog nails can lead to all kinds of problems. Cracked or broken nails can become painful or infected, causing your dog to suffer needlessly. Toronto Dog Groomer includes dog nail clipping as part of all our grooming packages. No matter what breed of dog you own, clipping your dog's nails should be done as often as possible to keep them short, healthy and free from germs or bacteria.

At Toronto Dog Groomer, we inspect your dog's nails to see how far they curve down from their paw pads. Then, we trim away as much as necessary to make sure they are even with the pads. Our groomers have experience dealing with many large and small breeds, and always take the necessary steps to care for your beloved pet.We understand that clipping a dog's nails can be difficult for some animals; that's why we pride ourselves in making your dog as comfortable as possible. Proper claw trimming will keep your dog's nails in perfect shape, just like proper grooming will keep them as healthy and happy as can be.

Please check the following list to find your dog's breed and the suggested schedule for clipping your dog's nails. By sticking as close to the schedule as possible, your dog's nails will stay short and clean. You'll be keeping your dog healthier and happier, as well as lessening the chance of him causing damage in your home. If you don't see your breed, or would like more information about our dog nail clipping and other grooming services, give us a call at 647 591-0535.